Corporate Wine Tasting Events

What better way to entertain your clients than with a wine tasting event. Choose between a full day of tasting for ultimate wine indulgence or a mid-day/evening session where you’ll receive a few hours of light entertainment. Dedicated to meeting your needs and requirements, we’ll make sure everything runs the way you want it to whether you’re holding a networking event or company night out. Client Entertaining If you’re looking to entertain a client, then wine tasting is the perfect solution. Relaxed, fun, informative and a great way to impress. We can tailor the event to your every need including arranging premium wine tastings for special customers, add a fun wine quiz to lighten up the event and much more! Just get in touch to find out how Wine Discovery can work with you to create the perfect event. Team Building It’s all about working together. With specially designed team events, we can get people working together and having fun through wine tasting. With prizes for the best team, we can reveal peoples’ competitive side and provide testing quizzes to see who can work best together to be crowned the winners. Wine tasting offers an array of fun ways to get your employees working efficiently as a team.
Networking Networking is an important part of many businesses and hosting your own event with the inclusion of wine tasting is a guaranteed way of keeping it relaxed, sociable and fun. Wine tasting gives everyone something to instantly talk about, which is important at networking events. At Wine Discovery, we can tailor our services to meet with your requirements. Staff Parties Keeping your employees happy is crucial in business so the odd party here and there to celebrate special occasions, successes in the business or Christmas is a great way for everyone to have fun. Wine Discovery can host a fun night for all with a wine tasting party either at your offices or a venue near to you. This could be a singular part of a night or the main event; you decide! As with all our events, this can be tailored to suit your needs.