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Fox & Fox Mosaic Brut 2014

, England

What they say:

Mosaic is a good example of the top quality innovative wines that are being made by the creative team at Fox & Fox, at their two vineyards at Mayfield in East Sussex.

Tasting notes

Region: Mayfield in East Sussex

Vintage: 2014

Grape: Pinot Noir, Chardonnay (blends not disclosed).

Alcohol by Volume: 12%

Bouquet: Stone fruit aromas.

Palate: Mosaic is our lovely “anytime bubbly” , light, soft and pleasing with a delectable nose and creamy mouse, is a lovely social wine. Easy to drink and more-ish. It is gently flavoured with orchard fruits and makes the perfect aperitif.

Best served with: The perfect aperitif.

What we say:

Forget Prosecco this is what you need to be drinking if you like a nice fresh easy drinking sparkling wine. OK so it’s not £5.99 a bottle like Prosecco often is, but you get what you pay for and this is worth every penny.

The inviting aroma of stone fruits like peach instantly makes you want to drink it. And when you do those flavours really show through. Finished off with a velvety soft mouse (the bubbles). It’s just one of those wines you can’t put down. Stock up for the summer now while stocks last!

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