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Fox & Fox Inspiration Brut 2013

, England

What they say:

Established by husband and wife team Gerard and Jonica Fox. The Fox & Fox company has been growing grapes since 2004 and producing wine since 2009.

We produce the only Pinot Gris based fizz made in the UK.

Producing a range of 7 Sussex sparkling wines our philosophy is simply to make limited quantities of top quality English Fizz. Our wines reflect the surroundings, soils, topography and microclimates. With a real emphasis is on minimal intervention in the vineyard, quality is favoured over quantity.

Tasting notes

Region: Mayfield in East Sussex

Vintage: 2013

Grape: Mainly Pinot Gris with some Chardonnay (The blend is kept secret).

Alcohol by Volume: 11.5%

Bouquet: Elegant and fresh with citrus aromas.

Palate: This is an especially delicious wine, subtly flavoured with the honeyed purity of the Pinot Gris with very gentle undertones of spiciness and a whisper of ginger on the finish.

Best served with: Fresh Oysters, scallops, light salads.

What we say:

If you want exclusive, if you want different, if you want one the best and purest sparkling wine England has to offer then look no further. The Fox and Fox Inspiration has all that and more.

First of all this is really different with the use of Pinot Gris over the traditional champagne blend. This makes it light, crisp and really refreshing. You then get these luxuriously smooth fine bubbles and honey notes making this wine so easy to drink. The finish is lemon peel which makes it perfect to combine with shellfish, in particular Oysters.

What we love about this wine is it’s not a Champagne copy, the grapes are different, the style and taste is different and the result is superb. Give it a try and taste a real English Sparkling Wine.

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