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Colomba Bianca, Nero d’Avola DOC 2016

, Italy

What they say:

Certified Organic wine

Established in 1970, Colomba Bianca Cantine is the largest Sicilian grower cooperative and the biggest Italian producer of organic wine.

Nero d’Avola has long been the most important grape on the island of Sicily, thriving in the heat of the Mediterranean sunshine

The highest standards are attained through the use of innovative technology and the careful process of mapping multiple aspects when it comes growing the grapes. This is then followed through to the production of the wine.

Tasting notes

Region: Sicily

Grape: 100% Nero d’Avola

Alcohol by Volume: 14%

Bouquet: Rich, juicy flavours of ripe plum and black cherries interlaced with subtle violet notes.

Palate: Concentrated on the palate, the deep fruit flavours are backed by soft, ripe tannins and a spicy character on the finish.

Best served with: Serve at 16 to 18°C as a great accompaniment to pasta al forno or a slow-roasted shoulder of lamb.


What we say:

This Nero d’Avlo is smooth, light bodied and fruity. Nice black juicy fruits with a hint of spice. We describe this wine as one of the most user friendly wines we have come across. Pretty much everyone will like it.

It’s well balanced with soft tannins so works well with food or alone. It’s organic so a really nice clean wine with minimal intervention or chemicals added.

I have tried quite a few Nero d’Avlo but never one this good at this price point. Yes it’s only £8.99 so don’t tell everyone about it!

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