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Cabernet Sauvignon, Ravenswood Lane, Adelaide Hills 2013

, Australia

What they say:
Made at the state of the art small batch winery The Lane Vineyard in Adelaide Hills. Small parcels of fruit are hand selected to produce wines with impeccable provenance; each wine is a delicious combination of site, personality and experience that brings the vibrancy of the vineyard into every glass.

2013 was perfect for ripening Cabernet Sauvignon in the Adelaide Hills.

Following a philosophy of minimal intervention, respect for organic principles and together they are committed to capturing the nuances of each site and variety.

Tasting notes

Country: Australia
Region: Adelaide Hills
Grape: 100% Cabernet Sauvignon
Alcohol by Volume: 13.5%
Bottle Size: 750ml
Bouquet: Intense black current.
Palate: Very smart cultured and balanced. The fruit is refreshing yet the dominant cassis notes are pure and lifted. Very fine lasting tannins on the finish.
Best served with: An ideal match with grilled lamb cutlets and simple fillet steak.

What we say:
Love this wine! Why? Because it’s elegant, refined, well made and totally enjoyable from start to finish. Well to be honest the finishing part is quite sad, unless you have another bottle to follow it up!!

It just oozes class with a flavour of black current and delicate spicy notes. This is not a Cabernet that blows your head off; its intensity is pure and again refined. Concentrated and clean. When I say clean I mean you can tell they have let this wine be what it will be with minimal intervention. It’s not classed as organic but they follow organic principles and this shows through in the wine.

It’s one of those wines you taste and say “oh now that is a good wine”. Well I hope you say that anyway!
OK so at £19.99 it’s not the cheapest, but for a dinner party or romantic night in with your partner this is a great choice. For food lovers, this is wine would highly compliment most lamb dishes, remember it’s delicate so it won’t match food that is too bold. Lighter red meats like fillet or maybe rib eye steak. Vegetarian’s will love this wine as it’s suitable for you and being that bit light it can be matched with lots of vegetarian foods.

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