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Beyaz Kalecik Karasi Rose

, Turkey

Beyaz Kalecik Karasi Rose, Kayra Wines, Anatolia 2015

What they say:

Kayra is producing premium wines from the Anatolia region-considered to be the birthplace of wine-and is at the cutting edge of wine making in this diverse nation. The wines are made from unique and intriguing local varieties. These indigenous varieties, whilst being ancient to Turkey are now being vinified using modern techniques and are producing award winning results.

Under the guidance of consultant winemaker Daniel O’Donnell, it is Kayra’s aim to reveal the true potential of Turkey and to bring their rich history and generous spirit to lovers of fine wine.

Tasting notes
Country: Turkey

Region: Anatolia
Grape: 100% Kalecik Karasi
Alcohol by Volume: 12%

Bouquet: Pale pink in colour with delightful notes of citrus, orange flower, pink grapefruit and ripe red fruits

Palate: On the palate it’s wild strawberry, raspberry, a hint of ginger and a lively acidity on the finish.

Best served with: Serve at 6to 8°C as an apéritif, or to accompany salads, fresh shellfish and sushi.

What we say:

Wow now this is how rose wine should be. Wow, it’s good. We have never been so excited by a rose wine before. Turkey has a lot to answer for in keeping this one hidden. Made by a wine maker known as the Princess, she should be considered royalty.

This wine hits you with an abundance of fruit, lots of peach and strawberry. The acidity is well balanced and it has a nice dryness about it. It’s luscious from the fruit making far too easy drinking but this is a dry wine with a crisp lively finish.

A serious rose for any wine enthusiast to try. You need to serve this well chilled though and keep it chilled. Once it goes slightly warm you lose that fresh bite which makes it so good.

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