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Beyaz Kalecik Karasi Rose

Rose Wine, Turkey

Beyaz Kalecik Karasi Rose, Kayra Wines, Anatolia 2015 What they say: Kayra is producing premium wines from the Anatolia region-considered to be the birthplace of wine-and is at the cutting edge of wine making in this diverse nation. The wines are made from unique and intriguing local varieties. These indigenous varieties, whilst being ancient to […]

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Kayra, Kalecik Karasi 2014

Red Wine, Turkey

Kayra, Kalecik Karasi, Anatolia 2014 What they say: The Grape Kalecik Karasi (sometimes abbreviated to KK) is a dark skinned Turkish grape variety used in the production of light- to medium-bodied red wines. Though often regarded as the country’s finest red wine, Kalecik Karasi is largely unknown outside Turkey. It is primarily grown in north-central Turkey, an area rich in […]

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