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2015 Clos Clare Riesling Watervale, Clare Valley

, Australia

Clos Clare Watervale Riesling 2015

What they say:

Clare Valley is located north west of the Barossa Valley in South Australia. Its history dates back to the 1830’s and has developed the reputation of being one of Australia’s premier Riesling growing regions.

Clos Clare is a boutique Winery located in the corner of the famous Florita Vineyard in Watervale. It began in 1986 when the Barry family purchased the Florita vineyard from the then owners, Leo Buring.

Today it’s run by brothers Tom & Sam Barry who continue to make what could be the world’s best new world Riesling.

Tasting notes

Region: Clare Valley / Watervale

Grape: 100% Riesling

Alcohol by Volume: 12.4%

Bouquet: The nose displays aromas of Granny Smith apples, lemon thyme and mandarin.

Palate: The Palate has finesse, generosity and structure, with flavours of blood orange and star fruit. Secondary characteristics of honey, marmalade and warm buttered toast.

What we say:

Whilst many will rule this wine out based on it being a Riesling fortune will favour the brave. As this is no Blue Nun or Black Tower! This may well be the world’s best new world Riesling available right now.

But let’s just forget for a second that is Riesling and just look at this for what it is and how it tastes. The palate is full of texture with some tropical flavours alongside green apple giving good acidity. You then get honey and just a hint of classic petrol notes. This is a complex wine with several levels and keeps you searching for more.

We highly rate this wine so whether you think you like Riesling or not you should give this a chance. It is the best you can get (potentially) after all.

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