The Adventurer

This tasting is for those really wanting to push the boundaries of wine and discover the unusual grapes that are available throughout the world. As we adventure beyond the normal places to choose our wine from and seek out the more alternative options. From Turkey to Japan you will taste a diverse range of wines. There are many hidden gems out there and this tasting highlights just a few. You may not like them all but we are confident you will fall in love with at least one.
Price – £25.00 As this was too hard to narrow down to 6 wines like normal tasting so this one includes 8 wines, 4 white and 4 red. All our events are sold on per person basis. We have a minimum of 10 people per event or a minimum fee for 10 people. Smaller groups may still book but the minimum fee will apply. For central London (zones 1 & 2) we charge an additional £50.00 per booking.