About Us

A Wine Tasting company with a difference.

I set up Wine Discovery because I enjoy wine; drinking it and learning about it. The world of wine is fascinating and so big that you can never stop learning and discovering new things about it.

Many people say to me they would like to know more about wine but are afraid to ask questions when they go to a wine merchant or when in a restaurant trying to decide which one to go for.

There can also sometimes be a certain snobbery within the wine world that puts people off as many expect or assume you know certain things. I want to get rid of that and make people feel comfortable to ask a question no matter how basic it might be.

The whole concept of Wine Discovery is to get people learning more about wine and discovering new wines they have not tried before. It is easy just to stick to what you know and have the same old wine time and time again. However with so many different wines available from around the world it can sometimes be difficult to know what to go for.

Our tasting events help you learn useful facts and information about wine that will assist you in the future. You will also get to try many wines you have not tried before and understand why these wines taste the way in which they do.

I have personally selected the wine I use at events from all around the world. Whilst I do sell the wine, I do also like to make it clear that there is no expectation to buy wine at any of my events! I want people to learn and have fun, not feel like they are being sold to.

Customer satisfaction is essential so all my wine is of excellent quality, made by wine growers truly passionate about what they do. Come and find out more about your local wine merchant and wine tasting specialist  – Wine Discovery Ltd.

I hope to see you at an event soon.

Nick McGrath